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Condiner Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Being loyal to our mission, what we do is to provide patients with better care as much as possible. We actively manage the product quality and safety through product development and manufacturing, supplier quality evaluation, clinical test, after-sales supervision and customer satisfaction investigation, to provide safe treatment and solutions with higher quality.
We are devoted to responding to industry challenges with excellent talents and leading technologies.
We provide better medical technologies and services, enabling more people to obtain better medical services at more affordable cost.
In addition, we have established a perfect quality management system, and passed National GMP Inspection, ISO13485 System Certification and CE Certification, to continuously ensure the stability of product quality through a comprehensive and systematic quality management system.
We believe that only safe, effective and practical innovation is valuable, which is the reason for our sincere cooperation with medical providers, changing our cooperative mode by combining our capacity with their professional strength, so as to obtain the optimal result.
Our customers and patients rely on the quality and reliability of our products and services. Quality is the key point for us to win and keep the trust.